Booq Python Catch Bag Review

Booq, a luxury camera and laptop bag manufacturer has just released another holdall to their Python lineup. Introducing the new Booq Python Catch, an eco-friendly shoulder bag that has enough room for not one, but two DSLR cameras. Soeriously though, this is a damn nice bag!

Booq has been in the bag industry for a while now with a whole collection of different types of holdalls, rucksacks and even laptop sleeves. The Booq Python Catch continues to show off just how well designed and made these bags really are.

Silver in colour, the Catch is pretty eco-friendly as it’s made from 47% recycled PET and 53% cotton. It comes with three dividers, and several sub dividers with them to safely house all of your camera gear when in transport. We’ve so far managed to get one DSLR camera, four lenses, a flash gun and camera charger to fit inside. This is before adding our laptop as well as a few smaller camera accessories like filers and memory cards. Very roomy indeed.

There is a shoulder strap with padding attached for when you’re lugging around heavier gear, and a nice strap on the rear of the bag to attach to a pull-along suitcase or to hold briefcase style. I’ve found the smaller rear strap easier while travelling on the tube to not annoy the other passengers. The rain cover also comes in handy. Although the bag is advertised as weather proof, it’s always useful to have the extra cover in larger downpours which being in the UK, we’re subject to them regularly.

Booq has made what I think an extremely stylish bag, and one I don’t mind carrying around with me. It’s subtle in design, and definitely holds a lot more than you’d think just by looking at it. The only downfall is the price. It’s a little steep, sitting at around £249.00.

You can find out more about the Booq Python Catch camera bag, or pick one up for yourself directly from the Booq website.


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