Penclic Mouse B3 Review

For all you designers out there, if you haven’t already invested in some kind of drawing tablet then continue reading. If you have, read anyway, because this mouse product may change your life!

We were sent the Penclic B3 Mouse to test, and although it’s sold as a mouse, using it for all of our Photoshop designs worked extremely well. .

It’s made from plastic with rubber buttons, making it light to touch.

The Penclic B3 is extremely ergonomic, and feels comfortable when using. You would use a traditional pen grip to push and pull your cursor around the screen. Having the base connected to the pen makes it easier to maneuver. There is no additional tablets or sensors needed for this mouse.

It was completely plug and play and works just like a two-button mouse with a scroll wheel. Each button, as long as you’re holding the shaft correctly is easy to reach. The big right hand side button can be a little annoying. We found ourselves clicking it by accident and interrupting some tasks we were carrying out. Although this wasn’t a huge problem.

The B3 mouse we tested is cabled, but there are wireless versions available. I wouldn’t like to say that this could replace your traditional mouse 100% of the time, but that really depends on what you do with your computer. Playing certain games was impossible, mostly first person shooters, but for your strategic RTS games like Total War, then it was okay to use.

The Penclic is a nice invention. It works, feels great to touch, and is easy since being used to using a traditional pen. It probably wouldn’t replace your stylus and digitiser if you’re already using one, but for design work on a budget, this is definitely a good step in the right direction.

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