Funko Announce NYCC 2016 Exclusives


I think the hype from this year’s San Diego Comic Con has finally died down and hearing from Funko fans, this year’s exclusives were loved by many. I’ve managed to grab myself a couple of the exclusive pops and I’ve witness the flippers making some serious money from the high demand of the limited edition items. October is nearly upon us and that means only one thing, it’s time for New York Comic Con!! The Javits Center in New York City will hold the event, over the weekend of the 6th October and all this week, Funko have been revealing this year’s exclusives! There is plenty to choose from and a few have really caught my eye, so let’s check them out!


As expected, there is a tonne of Funko exclusives and they include:

Funko Pop Vinyl:

Twilight – Hooded Jane
Scott Pilgrim – Knives Chau (Digital)
Scott Pilgrim – Scott Astro Boy
Dragonball Z – Super Saiyan Trunks *HOT Item! The scene is loving Dragonball Z right now!
The Walking Dead – Shane *Initial comments are quite negative, people have been wanting Shane for quite some time and feel Funko could have done more.
Legends of Tomorrow – Hawkgirl
DC Heroes – White Lantern Batman *More Batman, REALLY?!
DC Heroes – Rainbow Batman
DC Heroes – Classic Batgirl
DC Heroes – Killing Joke Joker *O M G, Yes!
Suicide Squad – Joker (Grenade Damage)
iZombie – Olivia Moore Zombie (hood)
Marvel: Chef Deadpool
Marvel: X-Men – Kitty Pryde
Power Rangers: Metallic Green Ranger *The one I want the most!
Hanna-Barbera: Magilla Gorilla 2-pack
Animation: SSC & Huckleberry Pie 2-pack
Hair Bear Bunch: Square Bear
Hair Bear Bunch: Bubi Bear
Rides: NY Taxi Freddy *Will be hugely popular!
Pirates of the Caribbean – Barbossa w/ Monkey
NBC – Seated Sally w/ Cat
NBC – Behemoth
Star Wars: Rogue One – Bistan
Star Wars: Ep. 1 – Qui Gon Jinn *About time!
Rides: Indiana Jones Adventure *Pure awesome!

nycc_indyFunko Dorbz:

Freddy Funko (I heart NYCC)
Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn with Mallet
Suicide Squad – Deadshot with Eye Scope
X-Men – Juggernaut
X-Men – Mohawk Storm
XL – Thanos
Yogi Bear 3pk – Yogi, Boo Boo, Ranger
Ridez: Banana Splits – Drooper
Ridez: Banana Splits – Fleegle
Ridez: Compact Pussycat & Penelope Pitstop


ReAction: Golden Girls
ReAction: The Dark Crystal – Garthim Box Set

So there is quite a lot on offer, but it’s not quite what I thought it would be. I definitely thought there would be more Star Wars exclusives, plus another Deadpool and more Batman variants! I think we have enough of those! I can see some of these being really popular, including the Freddy exclusives, so get saving! Chances are these will be available in the UK shortly after release, with a convention sticker or not, I’m not sure. If you want it sooner, get ready to pay flipper prices on eBay! If you’re lucky enough to be going to the event, I’m very jealous! Limited Editions? I’m sure there will be but numbers have not been announced by Funko yet but assume some will be 1000 – 2000 pieces.

nycc_dbznycc_joker nycc_qui

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