Snooper DVR-4HD DashCam Review

The Snooper DVR-4HD is a pretty good dash cam. It appears very well made and being quite small helps it to be very discreet on your screen.

There is an included three metre power cable to plug into the cigarette lighter of you car and the box mentions a 16GB flashcard and USB lead, we couldn’t find it. The user manual is on a mini CD.

At the time of writing they are around £130 and includes Wi-Fi so a mobile app can be used to view.


It shoots in HD with a 140 degree viewing angle. The touch-screen is a little under three inches.

The 30fps video mode is 1920 x 1080p and will let you know if there is a speed cam around on both sides of the road.

It will let you know if get a little too close to the car in front and remind you to take a rest if is detects you have been driving for a while. Lane detection warnings are also very prominent.

Of course, there is GPS tech and the recording will automatically over-write old footage. A 3-axis G-sensor will know when there has been a sudden deceleration in a collision for instance and ensure that footage is saved.

So, what about using it and the quality? It is pretty good, I would say. It is a little difficult to read number plates, unless they are really close, but the image is more than adequate, even at night, to see if anyone does anything too dumb.


There are plenty of options included for the system, files, driving safety, and how it records. The menus are very well laid out and simple to use. Accessed using the now pretty normal ‘burger’ icon, they include setting the date and time, timezone, language, and even satellite system. You can also turn on and off most of the warnings, including leaving lanes, speed camera, and front impact.

Then there’s the screen resolution and associated frame rate, and the ability to automatically start recording when you get under way to save you having to remember to turn it on.

The Snooper Dashcam screen is small, but that makes it ideal for tucking up behind the mirror or in a lower corner so the power lead is not annoyingly dangling down the middle of your windscreen. If you intend to keep this in the car for the long term, the power cable is long enough to run around the windscreen and into the power socket.

There are lots of these out there, and I would prefer one that didn’t advertise itself too much when I am away from the car, and this is perfect for that. The screen is responsive and the images perfectly acceptable.

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