You may have seen my last Alienware news drop a couple of weeks back, where I spoke about them teasing this new X17 gaming laptop and it being their thinnest ever 17” notebook and super high-end performance. Well, they’ve sent over more details, the embargo has lifted and I can share a lot more info with you now. 

The first thing to discuss, they are offering up an x15 model too. So we’ve got the x17 and x15, and if you haven’t guessed already, they correlate to their display sizes, so we’ve got a 17.3” display on the x17 and a 15.6” display on the x15. Looking at the new images, I think it looks great. Grilles everywhere, which we knew would be a thing as they teased this new quad fan set up and instead of just lines and slots, they’ve made this honeycomb effect to the top of the keyboard which looks pretty good. You can also see the Alienware logo as the power button, which is customisable RGB but there is also a coloured touchpad. That could be cool, or it could be a bit too much. Unsure if that’s RGB or just coloured at this moment in time, we’ll have to wait and see. The keyboard will be RGB too. 

We’ve now got a look at the ports available too, with the power input on the left, headphone port on the right-hand side for both models. The rest of the ports are to the rear and varies depending on which model you go for but generally include USB C & A ports, thunderbolt, microSD card slot, HDMI out, then the x17 has a further mini display port and ethernet port.  

Alienware x17

The big tease last time was this new quad fan, super duper cooling system and they’ve now provided some animations showing just how efficient this new cooling system will be. They now have a name for it, they’re calling it Alienware Cryo-tech cooling technology and that includes that patent-pending quad fan design, helping shift air around and keeping things cool, plus the new Element 31 thermal interface material, that delivers a 25% improvement over the standard thermal paste. However, it looks like element 31 is only available with RTX 3070 & 3080 builds.

I’ve got the spec sheets here and there are a few similarities and differences, other than the display size and model number. Both come with either an Intel i7 or i9 CPU, with the x17 getting a slightly higher i9 model. Ram, 16 or 32GB at 3200Mhz on both, with the X17 going up to 64GB at 3466MHz. Storage looks to be the same with options starting at 256GB NVME up to 2TB, plus some dual-drive options as well. GPU’s Nvidia RTX 30 series, 60/70 or 80, however, these are tweaked or overclocked with the X17 receiving the same chips but with more power, boosted clock speeds etc. Displays, two sizes obviously, 15 & 17. There are 3 15.6” variants, two 1080p with either 165hx or 360hz, then a 1440p version with 240hz. As for the 17.3” model, two 1080p with 165Hz or 360Hz, then a 1440p version but this time just 120Hz. They’ve both also got webcams, pretty decent batteries and WiFi capabilities. 

AW x15+x17

Obviously, we can’t talk performance, it’s not out and we don’t have one here to benchmark but I guess the last thing to talk about is pricing. Full configurations are available from the 15th June, but maybe only in the US to start with, and the X15 starts at $1999, with the x17 starting from $2099. A pretty steep starting point for an i7 3060 build I think and you are partly paying for the brand but the current market and shortages is a mess so could be worth a look.