FrontRow – Ubiquiti’s Livestreaming Wearable

With the wearable market ever increasing it’s no surprise we’ve got another device to tell you about today, FrontRow. A wearable camera coming from Ubiquiti Networks, a company normally specialising in WiFi related products.

You’ll wear the camera around the neck or clip it to a shirt pocket, keeping you in the moment. In an age where we like to record everything, with the help of dashcams and being in the presence of a camera at all times thanks to our smartphones, wearables like these are really starting to take off.

Running on Android, FrontRow have built a custom UI specifically designed for the 2″ round display. It has a standby time of up to 48 hours and up to two hours live streaming. You can also charge on the go too with its USB Type-C connector from dead to full in around 20 mins with quick-charge. The main camera has a 140° wide-view lens and an array of microphones allowing a complete capturing experience.

FrontRow Overview FrontRow iPhone UI

Being based on Android, it enables FrontRow to have third party app support for integration with Dropbox and Spotify, as well as giving you instant access to all major live streaming apps such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Fast Bluetooth allows effortless connectivity to smartphones running the FrontRow app providing media transfers and remote capabilities.

The camera comes in two colour variants, Black or Rose with a price tag of $399.00. Currently only the Black is available to purchase with the Rose coming soon. You can pick the FrontRow up from Amazon US or the FrontRow website.