What a question to ask, opening up a number of what if’s, but it’s got to be a flying car right?! Do I have the skill to fly it though, I’m not sure you’ve seen me on a flight sim or not.

Uswitch investigated the flying car market to find out when we’re likely to be ditching roads for aerial alternatives and how much they are likely to cost. Their report found a flying car might not cost as much as you would think, the cheapest of which is predicted to cost £95,000 – the same price as a high-end Porsche. 

Key Findings

  • Uswitch found that you might not have to save up quite as much as you’d think for a flying car, with a low-end price tag of £95,000, the same price as a high-end Porsche
  • The global market for flying cars is projected to reach £1.2 trillion by 2040
  • 38% of urban aviation projects are already in testing whilst 5% are in the process of applying for commercial certification
  • Uber’s Flying Taxi will cost an estimated £4.24 per mile which means it would only cost 64p more per mile than an average London taxi
  • Although people are looking forward to seeing flying cars, a 2019 global survey of 10,000 people found that 80% of people are concerned that they won’t be safe
Flying Cars v2c-min

Just how close are we to seeing flying cars on our roads? 

When you see news articles about flying cars, they always seem to be far out of reach in the future. That’s not to say that progress isn’t being made on the models, with 38% of active flying car and eVTOL projects currently in the process of being flight tested. Of the 101 flying vehicles included in Uswitch’s research, FIVE have reached the certification stage – waiting to see whether they’ll be permitted for personal and commercial use. 

We’ve seen the likes of Elon Musk & Sir Richard Branson get into the space race, trying to get average Joe into the galaxy but are they missing a trick. Should they focus on flying cars instead or do the two come hand in hand. All I’m hoping for is that this becomes a reality before I leave this world.