Even E1 Earphone Review


“Glass For Your Ears” is the tagline for the Even E1 Earphones but why’s that, you may ask? Well, the Even E1 earphones feature EarPrint technology, that customises each and every sound to your unique hearing profile. Glasses make you see better, these make you hear music better, sounds good to me! I haven’t had a hearing test since I was a kid but my wife would say my hearing isn’t the best, possibly down to my love for the drums! I am very intrigued as to how these actually work and if I will notice a difference.


  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 10mm dynamic drivers
  • 32 Ohms impedance
  • Microphone for calls
  • Lithium Ion battery – 12hr playback
  • Inline remote for volume, play, pause, call controls
The earphones come in a soft carry case, in a box, in a box, so plenty of protection. The soft carry case, about the size of a business card, just chunkier, includes the earphones, microUSB cable for charging, replacement ear tips and flap clip. There’s no plug for wall sockets included. The case feels a little cheap but comes with a zip and two internal compartments for easy organisation.
The earphones look pretty cool. The main cable is black, white and braided, which helps with the tangles and the cable to each earbud is black or white. White being for your left ear, black being for your right. Once configured, it’s important to use the correct ear bud in the correct ear, so the settings tie up. The earphones are light and relatively small, though they do sit rather proud when in your ear. I like the way they look and there is definitely a premium feel to them.

These are wired earphones but they do need setting up and instructions are given within the box. Firstly, turn them on by hitting the ‘e’ button, then double tap that button to speak to Sarah. Sarah will then take you through a hear testing, to calibrate your earphones. It takes about 90 seconds and you basically listen to about 10 pieces of music, with increasing volume, in each ear and when you hear the music, you press the ‘e’ button and the next piece of music begins. Do this on both ears and then it is configured. The earphones learn which frequencies best suit you at specific volumes and mix them together to create a profile for you. It’s very easy and Sarah takes you through step by step. I quite liked Sarah.

Using the earphones is just like any other. The remote can be used to control your music and is also your microphone for voice calls. The remote is rather big but that is due to it housing the battery, so there is a microUSB port on the side, so you can charge said battery.

Now to the sound quality… it’s blown me away! But why is that? Is it because they have been calibrated to my hearing or is there just high quality components used? I think a bit of both, as when I swapped the left and right ear buds round, I did notice a small difference and I also saw a difference, when toggling between default and your calibrated settings. I also got a colleague to try them and he noticed a difference between my settings and his. I listened to a variety of music on Spotify and all the tracks sounded stunning. Very crisp tones, vocals sounded beautiful and the perfect amount of bass. I was hearing specific drum notes that I had previously not heard before, it was all very exciting.

I cannot stop using these earphones, they offer superb sound quality, are comfortable to wear and they look great. They currently retail for £129, so these are at the higher end of the market but rightly so!For further info and to purchase, visit the official Even website. To purchase, visit Selfridges

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