So these are the TWS NB2 Pro, a pair of wireless earbuds from Edifier. Spec-wise we’ve got this hybrid, dual-mic active noise cancellation, spatial audio and gaming mode via the app, quick charge, they’re IP54 proof, up to 32Hr battery but that varies depending on if ANC is on or off and touch controls.

In the box, you get the buds and carry case, some different sized rubber tips, a USB cable for charging, some instructions and a carry case. A soft carry case for your hard carry case to go in. That’s new, I’ve never seen anyone provide a small bag to store the actual charging case below but ok.

Out the box, it’s a small, compact and lightweight affair. Black case made from plastic, which has a nice faux leather pattern effect around it. A small amount of branding to the lid, a USB C port to the rear for charging, plus a small indicator light that lets you know about the battery level. I’m not keen on this indicator light/flash for battery level, everyone does it and it’s never that good. However, get the Edifier app and that shows battery level too, but specifically for the buds.


Open the lid, two very modern, very different looking earbuds. Traditional bud arrangement, with gunmetal stems. It’s a modern, futuristic twist on say the more traditional looking AirPods or the old school wired earphones we used to use. At first, I wasn’t too keen on the look and shape of the buds but the more I use them, they’re actually growing on me. The build quality of the case and the buds appears to be very good, it’s well finished, it doesn’t feel cheap in any way and is actually better than some buds I’ve tried that cost considerably more to buy.

Audio performance was very good, given the price tag of $80. Rich, punchy profile, well balanced. Highs and mids shone through, the bass is ample but not overpowering, vocals are clear. Overall a really nice sounding pair of buds. I listened to all sorts of content, rock, pop, rap, country, watched some Rick and Morty, I even played some call of duty mobile on my phone and they sounded great in all instances.

Noise cancellation works, it works well and it works well enough for me to recommend using it. I’ve tried some in the past that in some cases, made the audio performance worse but none of that here. Switching between having the ANC on and off, it’s a noticeable change and it’s very clear they sound better with the ANC on, so for me, I wouldn’t use them any other way. There is an ambient mode as well, for something in the middle and you can scroll through the three options using the left earbud.

Comfort-wise, various rubber bud tips are provided so you can get a snug fit to suit your ears. They are comfortable, very lightweight, you don’t really know they’re in there but I wouldn’t say they’re overly secure. Sitting down, walking around town, fine but for me, running or cycling, not secure but that might be different for you and your ears.


The buds come complete with touch control. The touch-sensitive area is central to the stem on each bud. A pretty standard set of controls switch between the ANC/ambient or sound effect modes on the left bud, the right is for content control. There is no volume control via the buds, only your smart device playing the content. Controls are ok, sometimes I’d hit the bud slightly above or below the sensitive area but eventually, you get to learn where to tap.

Battery wise, Edifier is stating 7hrs in the buds, plus another 18hrs in the charging case with ANC on. That increases slightly to 32hours total if ANC is not used. The case has a quick charge but no wireless charging capabilities which I would have liked to have seen.

There is an app you can download for free and pair the buds up with. The app provides a little more to the buds than out the box but not much. The app shows battery levels for each bud, you can turn on and off ANC and ambient mode. Slide across the app and you’re given three presets, I guess you can call them EQ presets. You’ve got standard, spatial audio and gaming. Click between them and you can notice a difference between them but you want to use the right content with those presets to get the maximum benefit from them. That gaming mode, edifier are stating the buds have a low latency of 80ms, which on paper seems pretty good and should fair better while mobile gaming against competitors. Some competitors have apps for their buds, apps that allow you to create your own EQ options and a number of traditional presets for pop, rock, jazz etc. It would be great if Edifier could add that feature via a firmware patch or something.

So there we have it, they were the Edifier TWS NB2 Pro earbuds and with a retail price of just $80 very impressed and if you bought these, you wouldn’t be disappointed in the slightest. A couple of features I would have liked to have seen, EQ options within the app, wireless charging but then you can’t have everything with that $80 price tag.