Edifier Luna E255 Surround Sound Speaker Review


Seem familiar? That’s because we recently reviewed the Edifier Luna HD speakers and Edifier took these great speakers and built them into a fully fledged surround sound experience. Yes, the Luna E255 is a 5.1 surround sound system, complete with Dolby AND DTS encoder! Not enough companies get behind DTS like they used to, my 2017 Panasonic TV wont even decode DTS, it makes me very sad. Anyway, the distinctive, modern, futuristic speakers are back, accompanied by a center speaker, controlling the show and a wireless subwoofer that looks like it will literally blow my socks off. It comes in a big box, let’s open it up.

Large box, very large box so you may even need some help moving it around. Inside the box you get 2 front speakers, 2 rear, 1 center speaker and the subwoofer. The center speaker is powered and then feeds the two front speakers via speaker cables. The other 2 speakers are wireless, as is the subwoofer, but each require their own power supply. You also get all the required cabling in the box, power cables galore, speaker cables, optical cable and RCA to 3.5mm. You also get a remote control and some handy instructions, detailing set up and speaker positions etc.


The speakers look great, I loved how they looked when I reviewed them last time and this time, they are in gloss black, so a little more subtle, yet still sleek and modern. Glossy finish equal finger print magnet! The speakers have a good weight to them, so I recommend placing them on your TV unit or spending a little extra and getting the Edifier designed speaker stands. They too look ultra modern and would add more flexibility when positioning. FYI, each speaker packs 36w total (treble & mid range), with the 8″ subwoofer packing 220w.

Setting the speakers up is quite straight forward and not too time consuming. Each speaker is labelled as to where it should go i.e front left, rear right etc. Get the speakers into position, wire/power them up, connect to your device (optical in to TV for me) and then start to sync/pair the speakers. As the rear speakers and subwoofer are wireless, you do need to pair them to the center speaker. Full instruction are provided but in essence, press a couple of buttons on the remote, then on each speaker (one at a time) and they should pair. It worked first time for me. Input wise, 3 optical and an aux, which is fine with me as all my devices have an optical out (TV, media player & PS4). The front left & right speakers come with 4m speaker cables, subwoofer and rear speakers some with 2m power cables, so bare that in mind when positioning.

Cables, cables, cables, Oh how I love trying to hide cables…


Once your speakers are in sync, you’re ready to start using them. You can control the speakers via the remote control or via the touch sensitive buttons located on the top of the center speaker. The center speaker also has the sensors for the remote, so point the remote at the center speaker. The center speaker has a display on it, so you can see what the volume is, which input you’re selecting etc.

I needed something with a bit of thump, some sort of action so I could get a feel for how good these speakers were. So I went to my blu ray collection, as I didn’t want to play a downloaded movie as it would have been compressed down. I picked one of the original Transformers movies, one of the better ones with Shia LaBeouf. It utilised Dolby Digital, which showed up on the center speaker display when the movie started. The sound quality blew me away, literally! Speech was crystal clear, shots from left or right were accurately placed and explosions rumbled the entire house. The volume mix was well balanced, out of the box but you can individually adjust each speaker if you so desire. Max volume is ’60’, which is more than loud enough to not hear anything else going on around you and will easily upset any attached neighbors you may have. I personally feel volume 0 to 40 is pointless, head straight to 45 for a normal night of movie or tv and then bump it upto 55+ for the cinema experience.

Overall, a cracking all in one 5.1 cinema audio solution. No fuss, no need for a separate amplifier, just plug and play. Support from both Dolby & DTS is perfect, 3 optical inputs should be more than enough and they look great. One concern could be, how would you mount the center speaker, if that’s your thing and the gloss black finish, keep on top of the dusting as it’s a finger print hell.

The system currently retails at £599 which is competitively priced against similar grade active 5.1 systems on the market, or a budget amplifier & passive speaker arrangement. For more info and to purchased, visit the official Edifier website.

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