Dream Machines DM1 Pro S Gaming Mouse Review

Gaming mice are important. They’ve got to feel nice in your hand, they’ve got to react well to your movements and most importantly, have got to make your desk setup look as baller as possible. So that’s why we’re checking out the Dream Machines DM1 Pro S mouse, a subtle yet gratifying gaming mouse.

And by subtle, I mean it’s very sleek looking. It’s covered in an all black smooth coating, with enough grip to make it feel like your hands are stuck to the surface with no slip. The sides are covered in a rubber coating making it easier to swish your mouse across the pad. On top is a more solid coating, but still soft. Although be warned. I’ve used this mouse for a few hours now playing FPS games and I’m already noticing wear from where I’m constantly clicking the left mouse button to fire.

There are five programmable buttons in total: a left and right mouse click, two thumb buttons and a clickable mouse wheel. There is also a button just below the mouse wheel which cycles through various DPI settings. One annoyance is the fact you have to cycle through all DPI settings to get to the slowest. Other mice like our previous Fnatic Clutch had two, to cycle up and down which made it easier to navigate.  The button cycles the mouse between six fixed DPI levels: 400, 800, 1,600, 2,400, 4,800 and 12,000.

The Dream Machines DM1 mouse is definitely comfortable to use though. Its size means it fills my hand comfortably without having to scrunch up my fingers in some kind of claw grip. All buttons are extremely easy to reach with little effort too, although I avoided switching DPI modes too much because of the hassle of going through each one before finding one I liked for that moment in a game. The DPI modes are colour coded though so you can see what setting you’re on by glancing down.

LEDs are also kept to a minimum here with the rear logo and mouse wheel having the only LEDs in the product. It’s nothing compared to something like a Razer Chroma mouse, but it still looks quite suave.

The mouse during FPS games like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: WWII was actually a pretty great experience bar the lack of usability inthe DPI switching. The mouse felt comfortable for longer periods of time. The mouse is light and there is no way of making it heavier either. So you’re stuck with a pretty nimble mouse coming in at 85KG. This doesn’t affect me too much though. I haven’t had much experience comparing weights of different mice.

There’s also optional software which for me is a huge bonus! If you’ve read some of my other gaming mice reviews, you’ll know I’m not a huge fan of drivers. The only thing I really miss with not using the DM1 software is the ability to customise the DPI levels. I’m particular about that. But most of the time, various driver softwares are pretty junk. That being said, if you are someone who likes to get into the nitty gritty of mouse customisations, then you’re covered here with a driver for the DM1 Pro S. There’s also enough here for any budding gaming enthusiasts to like. Some of the more in-depth specs are things like 1000Hz response, with a max-speed of 7.0 m/s.

So the Dream Machines DM1 Pro S is basic. Told you right? There’s nothing flashy here that you would expect from some of the higher end Corsair or Razer mice, and everything just worked and felt great while doing so. The price comes in at 219PLN on their website which is about 55 euros so it’s not really that badly priced either for what you get. If you’re a gamer who likes going into detail on DPI macro keys and LED patterns you’re not going to find that here. But if your style is plug and play with a decent spec, then by all means check out the Dream Machines DM1 Pro S gaming mouse.