Braven Flye Sport Wireless Earbuds Review

Braven are relatively new to me. I took a look at their Stryde 360 a few weeks ago and was impressed with the sound quality that it could produce for a portable wireless speaker. Now I’m hoping that the new Braven Flye Sport Wireless earbuds will follow in its footsteps.

Packaged with the same finesse that come to be expected from Braven, but as soon as you get to the foam, you’ll very quickly be ripping the packaging apart as the cable has been twisted together is such a way that it’s impossible to get them out. So anyone who likes to keep their boxes pristine for selling time, no chance. The foam will be wrecked.

But, if you can get over that fact, then you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. The headphones aren’t bad at all. Inside the box you will find the usual accessories that seem to come with headphones now. There’s a nice carry case to keep them protected when inside a bag, a small and large pair of earbuds so you can choose your own for optimum comfort and seal inside the earlobe.

The headphones themselves are already pretty comfortable to wear, so make sure you get the earbud right. As they are fully wireless, there’s no cable that needs running to your phone or music device. Instead, they connect using Bluetooth signals. Along the cable are two modules. One is for the controls, which also doubles up as the hands free microphone for phonecalls. The controls include a play/pause and skip track functions.

There is also another, slightly heavier box which is supposed to I believe rest on the back of your neck. I think it holds all the circuitry these headphones need to run. It’s in a nice position as it doesn’t feel too heavy if rested on your neck. If you opt to wear these headphones with the cable around the front of your neck, then they can start to drag on the bottom part of your earlobes causing slight uncomfort. Take note that it could be a challenge to keep comfort with the power box if you’re prone to wearing collared clothing.

Sound wise there was a lack of bass. The mids and highs came through with some pretty nice clarity and precision, and vocal separation was at a nice level. The biggest downfall was low frequency and bass reproduction. There just wasn’t much making the music we listened to feel a little empty. We would have liked to have heard a little more bass, especially as these headphones are aimed towards the more sporty among us. Running down a road with cars driving past drowned the music out slightly.

Braven has stated that the battery life on these headphones is 12 hours, which throughout our testing, didn’t manage to hit. I got close, but not quite the full half a day’s use. That being said, battery life was optimum for those of you wanting to use these for a daily commute and throughout a working day. You can find more information on the Braven website.

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