Braven 405 Portable Wireless Speaker Review

This is the second Braven outdoor-esque speaker we’ve come across, and this time it’s a little more portable than the Braven Stryde360. This speaker is known as the Braven 405, which is a small portable speaker, able to withstand a dunk in the pool as well as a drop from around waist height.

I was sent through a bright matte blue version, but they do come in six more colours (black, pink, orange, purple, white, and neon yellow). The blue actually looks quite fresh and stylish. I like the fact it’s made from a plasticy type material, and being IP67 rating means that it can withstand a drop or two and also survive in up to a metre of water for 30 minutes. Great for those poolside.

The whole front of the device is covered with grille which is the same material as the rest of the speaker. Behind the grille are two drivers and one passive radiator to deliver its audio. The kick stand at the back ensures the speaker can fire up rather than directly out ensuring sound waves are closer to hitting ears directly on. You can also lay this speaker down on its rubber feet on its back if you’re in more of a party kind of situation.

On the left hand side you will find your controls which range from a play/pause, volume up/down and power. The play button doubles as a Bluetooth button while the volume controls also double as skip tracks on your mobile device. On the right are your inputs which include a 3.5mm aux, a USB port for charging devices from the speaker, and microUSB port to charge the speaker and a reset button.

The right also lights up to give you a little light show when its trying to find your Bluetooth device. Unfortunately these stop once the phone has been connected, but it’s a nice stylish touch. The speaker also makes a series of bleeps so you know which mode the speaker is and whether it’s connected or not.

A handy button on the right is the battery indicator level. Just press the button once and it will give you a glimpse of how long you’ve got left on the battery life. Quite a neat design and along with the kickstand makes you realise that Braven have thought about things well.

Audio performance also isn’t as bad as one might think at this price point. Sure if you spend a little more you could get superior sound, but I’m not sure that’s what Braven are really going for here. The mids and highs are nice and clear, enabling things like vocals to  shine through over the top of music. Depending on the genre you will find instruments come through too like a violin in an orchestral track.

The bass in lacking which I’m not surprised at all. It’s definitely present thanks to the passive radiator, but it doesn’t make a kind of thump you would like when listening to more bass  focused music. The speaker also isn’t very loud, and when hitting max volume, the 405 runs into distortion issues. Not great if you’re using it for a party situation, but great if you’re at mid volume listening to it in the bedroom relaxing.

Braven have stated that this speaker can last up to 24 hours on its battery life. However throughout testing we got mixed results. The battery life of course lasted far longer on a wired connection than a wireless, and a mix of the two throughout a party for example is going to drain the battery quickly.

Overall though I don’t think the Braven 405 is a bad speaker at all. You’re not going to scratch your bass head itch, but it’s also not the worst sounding speaker either, and has been designed extremely well which makes me want to recommend this for all you budding adventurers out there wanting to use a speaker while hiking, camping or around the pool. You can find the speaker available for purchase on Amazon below.


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