Companies Already Buying Tesla Semitrucks

Tesla recently unveiled its fully electric semi truck at their keynote session, and companies are already moving to snap them up. Walmart for example has ordered 15 of the new electric motors, while Canadian grocery chain Loblaws has ordered a whopping 25 to ferry around their food from factory to outlet.

Tesla hasn’t even announced the price yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be very high, making this one huge investment by the Canadian grocer. But Loblaws knows what it’s doing.

Loblaws has recently committed to a 30% reduction in its overall carbon footprint by 2030 meaning these new electric trucks will be essential in hitting these targets. It means that Loblaws won’t need to lose trucks from the road, all while hitting that target.

I don’t think this will be Tesla’s largest order for the new electric truck, but it just goes to show that all types of companies are willing to make the change to electric type vehicles to haul their goods. If Walmart’s test proves to be a successful one,  then  I’m sure more trucks will be snapped up by them too.

But for those smaller companies with smaller budgets, they’ll be pleased to know that Tesla have estimated a $200,000 saving of diesel fuel every 1 million miles. Whether this is enough for people to part with their cash for a new truck, only time will tell. But it’s definitely a good start for the innovative company.


Via Engadget

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