Dottir, a brand we’ve not heard of before got in touch and sent over a pair of their latest earbuds, or in-ear headphones as they are calling them. Lets take a look.

Out the box, wow, this is quite a large and heavy carry case and in fact, it’s probably the first time I’ve put a pair of buds in my Jean pocket and thought “I better move these into my bag or coat, this looks and feels a bit odd”. That being said, The case itself does need to be bigger than normal due to the size of the buds and hook. The case looks good, white and silver, feels fairly good quality too. To the rear of the case are a small indicator light and the USB c port for charging.

The buds themselves are larger than most, it’s housing a lot of tech and although quite large, they’re lightweight and fit well within my ear. The buds have the standard rubber tip at the ended and various sizes are provided in the box. From the bud, a fixed but flexible rubber hook sits behind your ear for added security.

dottir 2-min

There are both touch control and button controls with these buds. Touch control for pause, play, switching transparency mode or ANC on. Whereas the buttons are used for volume control and changing tracks. The touch controls work well, once you find the sweet spot. The touch-sensitive section of the bud is thumb size, central to the bud, so touch north or south of that area and it won’t pick it up. The buttons are easier to use and the buttons on each bud do the same thing, so it doesn’t matter if you use your left or right hand, the buttons do the same thing. I found using my index finger easiest to press the buttons in but you could also use your thumb.

Audio performance was good, about the quality I’d expect for the price. I’ve heard better and I’ve heard worse. The part that lets it down for me is a muddied mid-range. Bass is enough, some crisp highs but there is something In the middle missing and it’s quite apparent. I listened to many different genres, tracks and I did enjoy it, I did, it was just missing something.

dottir 3-min

ANC does work well and it’s a noticeable difference. Sitting on the train, hearing the tracks crash and crunch during the journey, the ANC did reduce this sound considerably, which was very impressive. Turn transparency mode on, you get that ambient buzz and some external sounds are amplified a small amount, so you can hear them, which is the point.

As for comfort, I found once I found the right fit and position, and they were in, they stayed in and were very comfortable. They are very lightweight and you barely feel the hook around the back of your ear. Secure, most defiantly and you will be able to walk, run, cycle with these in, no problem.

The battery appears good. Dottir is stating a full charge of the case will provide 12hours of playback in the buds plus 5 additional full charges. In reality, I feel that’s a bit ambitious but 9-10hours in the buds and I’ve gone through at least two full charges so far.

Other notable mentions, it’s got wireless charging, voice assistant, built-in microphones that work perfectly fine for calls and the buds won the 2021 Reddot Award.

At £119.99, the price is comparable to others in the market, the likes of Skullcandy and Urbanista. The audio performance let it down slightly but I enjoyed my time with them, they felt great while cycling, and the ANC worked very well.

To find out more or to purchase, head over to the official Dottir website.