A group of friends decided one day, while getting destroyed on Battlefield 1, that they kind of liked playing computer games and over the years, sort of gained a decent amount of knowledge about the mechanics behind them. It probably took all of five seconds to decide that they wanted to share their thoughts with the community and Digital Escapism was born. Digital Escapism is a new and upcoming Podcast, dedicated to bringing you the latest news, reviews – along with some general banter and awful language – from the gaming world.

We managed to speak to the host of Digital Escapism, and even contributor to TechNuovo, Greg;

“We hate fake and generic reviews. Why can’t people call a dud, a dud? Why are critics so afraid to give their honest opinions when it comes to games? At Digital Escapism we can’t promise much as most of us are already dead inside. But what we can promise is one thing; we do this for fun. We love games and the ability to connect us to each other. We will always be taking the p*** out of each other and being completely honest and upfront to the listeners. So if that sounds like the kind of show you want to tune into, then come and check us out. You can even subscribe to us as well.”

The first episode has just been released. In Part 1, we get to learn a little bit about the team, what type of games they enjoy playing and how crazy some guy called Jack is. Games in this issue include Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege and For Honor.

In Part 2, they continue the discussion by talking about their favourite video games of the last couple of years as well as what they are looking forward to, including Horizon Zero Dawn.

Make sure you check out the Digital Escapism website, hit that subscribe button in the  relevant Podcast app (iOS/Android) and enjoy!