Samsung Presentation Interrupted By GreenPeace Protesters

When Samsung Electronic’s chief marketing officer David Lowes hit the stage, the last thing on his mind was probably protesters. Yet low and behold, a GreenPeace protester stood on the steps of the stage brandishing a yellowish banner with a recycling symbol printed on there. There was also a Samsung logo and #galaxynote7 present.

Protesters took to the show to find out what Samsung was going to do with the nearly 15 million recalled Galaxy Note 7 handsets. They wanted to know what kind of recycling procedures were in place for the faulty mobiles.

GreenPeace protesters also tried to unroll a huge banner down the side of a building, as large as the banner advertising Samsung’s press conference. Although this didn’t quite work out as photos show, it was an incredible feat for the governmental party.

It’s still unclear what Samsung Electronics are going to do with the wasted Galaxy Note 7 handsets, but one thing we do know from the conference, is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 handsets will be announced and released on March 29th 2017. Let’s just hope that they’re a little more successful than its predecessors.

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