Devolo dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac Kit Review


Standard routers supplied by your ISP usually have poor WiFi coverage, some even restrict your line speed! That’s why power lines have been brought to market, to allow users to achieve max speeds around their home. The Devolo dLAN 1200 WiFi is exactly that, a high speed power line, with the added bonus of a WiFi extender.

I don’t want to bog you down with the technology behind powerlines, but in essence, the internet connection will transfer via the electrical copper cabling, as if your home was wired with Ethernet cable.

Inside the box are two plugs, Ethernet cables and instructions. One plug acts as the master socket, which is plugged into the router, while the other, it’s slave, which can be plugged in elsewhere in your home. Both plugs are a glossy white and rather large, some of the largest I’ve seen to date. The master is the smaller of the two and includes an Ethernet port and a single button on the side. The slave includes two buttons to the front and two Ethernet ports to the top. The slave also includes the WiFi extender components, which is why it’s larger. Both plugs allow for another plug to be used within it, to gain electrical power. Some don’t offer this, meaning you lose out on a power socket, but that’s not the case this time.


Installation is simple, and the instructions offer a step by step guide. In brief, the master socket needs to be plugged in, near your router, into a wall socket (extension leads are a no go!). An Ethernet cable from your router, to the master socket, needs to be installed. Elsewhere in the house, the other socket needs to be plugged in too and when the two are both powered, press the home button and the two will sync. There is also a WPS option, for quick connection too. You then need to connect to this new hotspot, using the password given on one of the sockets. Installation was a breeze, though I got confused between the two set up options, both of which have the same result, but it read as if they should offer different things. Once on the network, you can also gain access to a variety or options & settings, with an admin webpage.

Performance was exceptional and extended my WiFi to areas that would usually drop out. WiFi speed tests via my iPhone, showed near on identical results from original router, which was maxing out my 89mb connection. Similarly, with a wired connection, speeds were near on identical. Singla strength for from the WiFi side was very good and added about 10m of singla(ish). The Devolo allows upto two wired devices and umpteen wireless connections. Very fast connection, no loss of speed, equals a thumbs up from me!

I touched on it before, the power lines are rather large and actually covered the sockets switch for me, so ensure you flick the switch before inserting. As they are so large, some may think they are unsightly, but for me, performance out ways looks, so this wasn’t an issue for me. It’s worth noting the Devolo has a maximum speed of 1200mps, which should be more than enough for anyone. Also, they also became warm to the touch when on for long periods of time.

I was very impressed with their performance & ease of use, and would recommend them. It’s a very simple solution to a very common problem. They currently retail for £129.99, which is comparable to similar items on the market, if not slightly cheaper. For more info, check out the official Devolo website.


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