Huawei Leaves Apple In Its Rear View Mirror

There was a time where Apple dominated the globe, and that’s majorly down to the fact that Apple have kind of cemented themselves as a  fashion brand. But not any more. Chinese smartphone giants have finally overtaken Apple in smartphones shipped last quarter.

Huawei shipped 54.2 million smartphones inside of the second quarter of 2018, which is an increase of 40.9% year-on-year which is a huge achievement. Apple on the other hand shipped 41.3 million handsets, a 0.3 million increase year-on-year. Samsung however are still top dogs, shipping 71.5 million units.

You have to remember that Huawei have a very strong position in China with a 27% market share. Huawei have also had a very successful run with their new P20 Pro which has given them seven million units shipped, so a percentage chunk of their overall shipment is owed to that handset.

To give you full scope of the Huawei family, they make both premium and budget handsets. Their Nova series which has proven popular in Asia and also their Honor brand, which is an offshoot of the more premium Huawei offering.

Are Huawei going to stay in second place above Apple and below Samsung out in front? I doubt it. As we move further towards Q4 and the Christmas period, Apple usually release new handsets, sparking more demand for purchase. But for now, Huawei have done a superb job in knocking Apple out of their number two spot.

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