The original Deus Ex was regarded as the best game on the PC, Period! So when a developer decides to follow that game with a new one, they have a pretty big expectation to hit.

Now I’ve never played a Deus Ex game in my life. I mean, I’ve watched people play, and I’ve read about it, but to get lost into ’the greatest game’ is something I’ve not had the pleasure of doing. Maybe that’s a good thing? Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel to the original game. So playing this and then catching up on the others, is no big deal.

Your name is Adam Jensen. Head of Security of Serif Industries, a company behind the inventions of human augmentations. Sarif Industries is on the major breakthrough of a new type of augment, thanks to your past interest Megan Reed. Things don’t go as planned Sarif Industries is attacked, and Megan gets killed! After a tense battle you end up on an operating table, receiving new arms, legs, a torso, eyes, hands, you name it, you’ve got it, Six Million Dollar man style, if you remember such a classic. Prices have changed a little since then.

However, an augmentation is a series of upgrades that you, as a part cyborg part human can have. Be it x-ray vision, to reading human reactions during conversation. These augs can, and will help you with the challenge the game brings. DE:HR at heart is an RPG. A huge RPG with many multiple choices to make. Need to gain access to a building? Storm the front guns blazing if that’s your style. Another option could be to scope the place out, look for backdoor entrances. Eidos have given you multiple choices you can make to complete an objective.

Deus Ex is filled with a handful of relatively large ‘city hubs’. These hubs are the home of the main objectives. Get bored with the storyline and you can branch off and do side quests for various different characters. These aren’t your run of the mill go collect me 10 of a certain item quest. These quests can have a major influence on the games main storyline. For example. A hostage needs to be rescued and the captor has a gun to her head. You have got a number of ways to approach this situation. Do you, go in guns blazing? Talk the captor out of the situation, even kill the hostage yourself to confuse the enemy? Choices, eh?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is definitely able to give the original game run for its money. The amount of detail Eidos have given you is unreal. Other RPG/FPS games need to take a leaf out of their book.