Diablo means devil in many languages, so you know this is not going to be fluffy kittens and balls of wool.

But you will need some nerve to pull the wool over this demon’s eyes.

Well, I suppose if your grandfather predicted the world will come under attack for the third time by hell and all of its abominations, then you really need some skills.

Diablo 3 lands you in the cold, dark, town of Tristram, where the events of Diablo happen. You find yourself immediately defending the town from hordes of zombies, and this is where Blizzard shines! Diablo 3 is a hack and slash adventure through and through. The difference this time from its predecessors is it has an RPG element about it, ranging from stats on your weapons, to skill points for your talents.

Diablo 3 lets you select from five character classes to quest with – a demon hunter is my personal favourite. Each class comes with its own, very unique talents. These are broken down into primary, secondary, defensive, you know the sort of thing. These talents do not see you sinking countless points into making any ability stronger or more effective. Instead, Diablo 3 unlocks different talents at different levels, and also what are known as runes, to add a buff to that talent.

As an example, my basic demon hunter attack was with a bow and arrow. With a rune, I could add a skill which chained two or more enemies together, reducing movement speed, giving me a chance to readjust my position to reign fiery arrows down on the enemy, Rambo’s M60 stylee.

Diablo 3 is a game which newcomers can pick up from the start, but also gives an incredibly fresh feeling to those veterans out there. Oh, I almost forgot! You don’t have to enjoy Diablo 3 by yourself as a single player game. Diablo 3 enables you and three others to join forces to defeat evil.

There were some launch problems, but they are pretty much all sorted now, at least for us