Following on from James Cameron’s most iconic horror sci-fi film is never going to be an easy task. In all fairness, Gearbox hasn’t done too bad a job. Have you ever wondered what it was like being the Ultimate Badass? With a whole range of weaponry, you can really step into the role of your favourite characters from the film. There is something strangely satisfying firing off short controlled bursts from your pulse rifle. And the sounds! Wow! These are so accurate to the one in the film; this game hooked up to a sound system will definitely make you feel invincible!

A:CM sets off a mere 17 weeks after the horrendous events of LV-426. You are part of a new team of marines sent in to investigate what happened. You initially start off by exploring the now abandoned Sulaco spaceship before entering the wastelands of LV-426, and continuing your mission onto the remains of Hadley’s Hope. I want to stop here and just congratulate Gearbox on recreating these iconic movie environments. Their clever lighting and pure attention to detail really makes this game feel like you are part of the movie series.

Unfortunately these environments aren’t suffice justification of its £34.99 price tag. Underneath its sugary coating lies a corridor based shooter. And you are not just fighting xenos. Wayland-Yutani has also got a whiff of what’s happened and has sent in his highly trained mercenaries to try and stop you uncovering the truths.

They’re not smart, mercenaries run aimlessly in several directions (even past you in some instances); the aliens do not hunt in packs and do not scare the living daylights out of you. Even on the harder difficulty settings, these once-horrific xenomorphs are pretty easy to gun down. These terrors of LV-426 mindlessly throw themselves at you time and time again. It’s such a shame to say it, but it does get a little repetitive.

There are some extremely well done parts of the game such as escaping the deadly queen by welding doors shut behind you, or having to sneak through a sewer of hibernating xenos with only a flashlight to guide you.

There are some pretty neat Easter egg like finds dotted around the world. You get to see Bishop’s milky severed body, hear a conversation between Newt and her Mother, and have the chance to use your favourite guns from the film, such a Gorman’s pistol or Hick’s shotgun.

The multiplayer strangely rescues this game. Being able to play as xenomorph and human as a nice refreshment, and definitely adds horror to your computer room. Not knowing where the Aliens are going to come from, or are able to randomly change course at the click of a button definitely adds a huge challenge.

In a nutshell A: CM is definitely a game for the fans and in my opinion, worth a try. Because of its slightly narrow corridor action sequences and the complete lack of A.I., brings this game down a bit.