It’s very rare that we say this at TechNuovo, about a laptop anyway, but the new Alienware Area-51m gaming laptop is an absolute thing of beauty. A real desktop replacement if gaming is your thing.

There’s several models up for grabs, for various levels of gaming needs. Are you an amateur gamer looking to save space in your home? Or are you a professional eSports player that needs power? Partnerships with Team Liquid and Riot Games make personalisation and experience better.

“We’re excited to come to this year’s CES with some truly ground-breaking products, next-gen software and strategic partnerships that will bring more people to experience PC gaming and advance the industry,” said Frank Azor, vice president and general manager, Alienware, G Series and XPS. “The legend design answers the call for more and better from our gaming community, and the new G Series laptops will make PC gaming even more accessible to those looking for high-performance gaming at a cost they can appreciate.”

Their new powerful gaming laptop, the Alienware Area-51m has been given a fresh new overhaul in design, thanks to the newly debuted Alienware Legend. The new design integrates brand new thermal and cooling technology to sustain its overclocking power, and has improved AlienFX lighting, Dell’s signature ultra-thin screen and a much better built quality. There are two colours aptly named Lunar Light and Dark Side Of The Moon.

The Alienware Area-51m is the first laptop to support this new Alienware Legend design, and is actually being branded the world’s most powerful gaming laptop thanks to upgradable graphics and processors. It’s a true flagship.

It’s the only laptop on the current market that sports a powerful 9th Gen 8-core desktop processor with 64GB memory. There’s a number of graphics processors within the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 Series yon can install in the machine and even a 2.5Gbps ethernet port. The m17 variation with its glorious 17″ screen has a 144Hz processor for super smooth gaming.