With phones such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Honor Magic 2 removing the notch by bringing back the ever popular and ever addictive slider we could be seeing the beginning of the end for the notch.

A recent leak showing what could be the OnePlus 7 side by side with the OnePlus 6T aired on Twitter from user @xiaovai77 gives us the impression that we could be looking at another notch-less, near on bezel-less smartphone.

Without any previous confirmed leaks, we can’t be sure the Twitter user hasn’t just been using Photoshop to create some quirky images. It does seem fitting, that the next possible step in smartphone design would be to remove the notch, with Samsung’s latest smartphone the S10 having a notch-less display I wouldn’t be surprised if more manufactures started following suit.

OnePlus have always tried to be at the forefront of the smartphone world bringing us Dash Charging, an FoD fingerprint sensor and with another recent leak of UFS 3.0 on its next phone, it certainly rings true that OnePlus would be working on a notch-less phone. With their recent history it would seem more fitting for them to be working on an Under Panel Sensor rather than the sliders mention up above.

We will continue to look into this and update as we hear more.