Dell and/or Alienware, (they are the same company now) have just announced four new gaming monitors that are coming to the market very soon. 

First up the new alienware AW2724HF and AW2724DM. Both have esports in mind, with the HF model providing a 1080p resolution, a 360hz refresh rate, and a quick 0.5ms gray to gray response time, which meat to eliminate blur and ghosting. While the DM model provides an increased resolution of 1440p but a reduced refresh rate of up to 180Hz. Both are 27” models, and both are available in north america now, the rest of the world soon. Prices start at $399.


If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, then check out the Dell G2724D and G2524H. 27 or 25” monitors, with either 1440p 165Hz or 1080p 280Hz. Both monitors feature IPS panels, with Freesync or G Sync and VESA adaptive sync. Prices start from $249 and are starting to become available now in north America, the rest of the world soon.


Stay tuned, we might be able to grab one and put together a review for you!