The Deepcool AK60 is an all-white, twin fan cooler that can really stand out in an all-white build. I’ve got it mounted on a Ryzen 7 5800X processor in my own gaming rig, though it does come with a number of fittings for all types of processors. It stands at 129×138×160 mm with a weight of around 1456 grams. It comes with two 120mm fans in the box with no RGB though these can be swapped out.

Fan speed comes in at 500-1850 RPM and connect directly to your motherboard if you have two fan headers, or comes supplied with a splitter if you have a single fan header. Temperates are pretty decent here, with my idle temps hitting a maximum of 58 degrees, though under load during a Cinebench multicore run it did hit 90-degrees though when gaming, I’ve never really seen it hit above the 80-degree mark. It looks great, performs well in my opinion and isn’t too expensive either coming it around £60 online.