D-Link are not new to the home security camera market. They have had several successful models in the past, in fact. I even have an older model installed in my house right now! With technology improving and the demand for the best kit, companies have to stay on top so D-Link have released the Omna 180 HD, to compete in that market. The D-Link Omna 180 is an internal home security camera, with a 180° wide angle lens, capable of motion detection, night vision and all content stored via a local micro SD card. It looks good, so let’s check it out.

Let’s talk specs:

  • 1080p streaming (720p 15fps recording)
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Two way communication
  • Remote viewing
  • Apple HomeKit support
  • 180-degree lens
  • MicroSD card recording

The camera comes well packaged and supported in the supplied box. It’s actually got a foam housing, so the camera should definitely find its way to you safely if being delivered. Inside the box is the camera, a power adapter and instructions. No SD card included. The camera itself is very light, fits in my hand and fairly discrete. It’s modern looking with its brushed silver finish and black highlights. At the front of the camera is the huge wide angle lens, with a single USB port at the back for power and a reset button. The microSD slot is on the bottom. I like the shape and size of the camera but for me, the finish isn’t quite there. It feels a little cheap and I was expecting better.

dlink-omna-180Setting up the camera is very similar to all the others. Plug it in, download the free app. It’s only available on iOS so no android support yet. From here, just follow the on screen instructions. It will connect to your wireless network, offer a variety of options, ask you to scan a code given on the back of the camera or inside the box, and  will eventually be set up and ready to use. I’m sure D-Link said it would be up and running in seconds but it was more like four minutes.

Using the camera is very easy. The app is very very well set out and easy to use, with very little need to read any instructions. On the home screen you can select the device you want to view, so yes, you can have multiple cameras. Each device is recognisable via a bespoke profile image and once you click into one, you go into live mode and will start viewing whats going on. Within this view, you can take screenshots, control the audio and also speak into your phone/iPad for two way communication. All content can be recorded via a microSD card (upto 128GB supported) and depending on the settings you use, you may need several large capacity cards. The camera is part of Apples HomeKit, which enables you to easily control and turn on lights, smart plugs, thermostats and sound alarms with the motion detection feature.

The motion detection works really well and there are options you can choose from, to fine tune your setting. You can also receive notifications on your device when motion is detected. Night vision also works well and I was able to make out things in the footage easily. The picture quality is good, as stated above. It live streams at 1080p, but only records at 720p, which at the end of the day is more than enough to capture what you need. The stream quality itself was average at best for me due to my broadband connection speeds. It was very laggy with a very noticeable time delay, and my net isn’t slow (100mb). The super wide, 180 degree angle camera on the D-Link Omna 180 is amazing and will literally capture most of your room.

I love the size and shape of the camera, coupled with a brilliantly wide lens and its ease of use via the app, makes for a pretty decent camera. My main negative to the camera, is the lack of cloud support. If I was an intruder and saw this camera watching me, I would steal it and then you wouldn’t have any evidence, because the footage is stored locally. I’m not a huge Android fan, but not supporting Android shouldn’t really be allowed anymore, they’re a big player in the market. The camera retails for £199.99 and is available from the Apple Store. For further info, visit the official D-Link website.