Coffee is fuel. It’s the drink of choice for most twenty somethings to kick start their mornings. And with most of us opting for a quick visit to Starbucks before we get to the office, the money we spend on coffee soon racks up. Let’s say a Starbucks coffee is around £2.35 for a standard size. Times by five, then times by four, then times by around 48 as you have to count your four weeks annual leave and what do you get? That’s right… £2,256 a year spent on caffeinated products from Starbucks. CoffeeGator are hoping to change that.

The Pour-Over Coffee  Maker is essentially a jar and a siv at the top where the coffee beans go. Coffee granules are widely available for a few quid from your favourite supermarkets and they come in a variety of flavours, depending on what your pallet fancies. All you do is pour the granules into the siv, using hot water to then soak the granules through creating coffee in the jar below.

The jar has enough room to fill four cups of coffee, or one large flask to take to work with you to save that two grand a year. The whole process is extremely simple and takes no time at all to actually get a great blended coffee. Usually I find with these types of coffee makers, the siv isn’t quite fine enough to stop granules from falling through into your drink. But with the CoffeGator, I found very few had actually contaminated my coffee which is a big thumbs up from me.

Because this product is in only two parts, clean up doesn’t require much time either. Once everything is empty, tap the siv a couple of times on a bin, and most granules fall out, with the rest easily washed away in the sink. I didn’t check if this product was dishwasher ready, as I don’t have a dishwasher handy, but I can’t see it not being able to be stuck in one. Maybe the siv due to fragility, but the actual glass pot where the coffee ends up, go for it.

For any coffee lovers out there, then the CoffeGator is definitely a product for you, even if it is from just realising you’re spending £2,256 a year on coffee already. For more information, please head over to the CoffeeGator website.