Creative Outlier Headphones Review

Colourful and lightweight and designed for comfort, Creative has done something very different that you don’t usually see with conventional cans. They’ve integrated an MP3 player, which personally is a fantastic idea and saves carrying around an extra bit of kit to store your music.

Made from plastic, to keep the weight down, the Creative Outliners are stylish as well as feature rich. It’s also able to hook up to a mobile phone thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. The headphones also come with two powerful professionally tuned 32mm Neodymium drivers.

For a set of headphones that to be honest look as if they’re aimed at the younger teenager, they don’t sound too bad. Bass isn’t as punchy as I would have liked to have seen from Creative but the mids and high tones are extremely sharp.

Creative this time round have definitely concentrated on design, giving you the chance to download and print your own 3D printed acoustic rings to give you some kind of personalization to the headphones. However, these just aren’t a different colour alternative. They can actually control the acoustics of the headphones. We read, although not tested, if you use Rainbow Loom Bands, which were the popular kids craze then you’ll get a better bass tone due to the pourous nature of the bands.

It also comes with a few built-in fitness modes for you athletic types out there. You get a pacer monitor so you can record lap times and receive notifications on how many laps you have done.

The Bluetooth enables you to hook up the Outliner headphones to your mobile phone for hands-free calls. The feedback I have received from a caller has been good. They heard everything I was saying. The microphone is actually built into the earcup so it has a nice flat finish. The headphones can even read to you your text messages so there is no need to look at your phone screen at all. This works really well, but unfortunately cannot depict text speech like ‘hw r u’ or ‘lol’ but that wasn’t a huge issue in our eyes.

creative outliner headphones 4

The Cretive Outliner headphones aren’t just wireless. You can opt for a 3,5mm auxiliary cable connection or even USB if being used with a laptop or desktop PC for Skype calls or other VOiP services. Again, call quality is of a very high standard.

For something that I feel has been marketed towards a younger audience, the Creative Outliners are packed full of features that anyone of any age can get into. It’s a nice touch that you can style the headphones yourself as they come shipped with a bright neon orange band wrapped around them, which I personally didn’t like. It comes with several colours in the packaging too.

For more information on the Creative Outliner headphones then head over to the Creative website. They are currently retailing at £79.99 at time of writing this review, so for the price, they’re definitely worth a look.