Real Life Meets Video Game In Castrol EDGE Race

British fuel company Castrol has just premiered their third Titanium Trial challenge video. The head to head race between rookie drift driver Matt Powers and BBC Top Gear’s Stig Ben Collins took part in early November 2015. Collins is also known for his work as a stunt driver on the James Bond movies.

Castrol’s Titanium Trials are a series of driving challenges created to demonstrate the strength of Castrol EDGE boosted with Titanium FST™. The technology is Castrol’s most advanced and strongest engine oil to date.

castrol fuel 3

Using Oculus Rift headsets, the unique race took place in two different worlds. In the real world, the drivers each had a track for themselves in which they had to navigate. At the same time, there was a virtual world provided by the headsets in which Powers and Collins were racing side-by-side in a video game like scenario. The video of the #VirtualRacers challenge was posted on the Castrol official YouTube channel on the 3rd of December.

Powers commented: “I loved putting on my Castrol EDGE headset again and it was mind-blowing to race driving legend Ben as if we were on the same otherworldly racetrack. I was devastated to lose first place in the last few seconds, I’d certainly be up for a rematch, that’s for sure.”

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The virtual reality code used in this latest trial was developed by technologist duo, Adam Amaral and Glenn Snyder. Snyder commented; “The really exciting thing about this project is that Castrol EDGE are using the same technology that the big automotive manufacturers are utilizing for autonomous cars but taking this is a new direction by fusing it with the virtual world to create something totally unique and ground-breaking, pushing the boundaries of both gaming and racing. What we have achieved is the closest VR technology can currently get to full immersion”.

The Virtual Racers challenge is the most recent episode in the Castrol EDGE Titanium Trials – a series of high-powered driving challenges that bring man, machine and oil together to push the boundaries of performance. Previous Titanium Trials Blackout and Virtual Drift have been viewed and followed by more than 156 million people across the globe to date.


Written by Mariah Ceccantini

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