Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones Review

Bowers & Wilkins are known in the retail audio industry for making luxury products that sound superb, and the P5 Wireless headphones are no different. Using the shell of the original P5 Series 2 headphones, the wireless version is you guessed  it, wireless. They’ve been designed with your mobile phone in mind. Bowers & Wilkins use a Bluetooth signal in order to connect to your mobile device in order to play music. But this feature comes with a hefty price of £80 over the P5 Series 2 headphones, making the P5 Wirless around £329.99. Quite a big ask in my opinion.

The B&W P5 Wireless headphones are definitely a luxury buy though. Covered completely in leather, the P5s are absolutely stunning. There are two steel plates over each earcup that sport the brand. They are also extremely comfortable, with the earcups moulding around the shape of your ears to  give you better sound isolation. The noise leakage isn’t huge, which is great if you’re using them in public areas. The accents are made from steel gives them a clash of silver and black and makes them extremely durable. They’re also very discreet – they don’t stick out from the side of your head like some other brands of headphones.

There are three buttons on the  back side of the right earcup. These act as your volume buttons, play/pause and also skip tracks. My biggest issue with these is they’re quite stiff to press which makes it quite awkward once they’re on your head. The power button is located on the underside of the right earcup too, which is a standard flick switch. Once on, they’re very easy to pair with your mobile phone to begin listening straight away. A nice feature is the micro USB charging port. It’s the same as most mobile chargers. A full charge is said to give you around 16 hours life, which I think is very good, unless they never leave your head throughout the day. There is also a cable included which is inserted under the magnified ear pad which gives it protection from constantly falling out. The magnet is very strong so don’t be worried about losing an ear pad.

The headphones sound superb. Great punchy bass and nice clear crisp high frequencies. My problem was with the mids. They’re not as affluent as some other headphones we’ve tried, which is a shame as these headphones are more of an investment. That being said, running them through our tests didn’t reveal any huge issues. We tested all genres of music, and found that electronic music sounded best, thanks to the 40mm drivers in the earcups. The headphones can also hack the aptX Bluetooth on compatible mobiles – iPhones not included – which give you a much richer sound than the standard SBC. This works well with larger, higher quality audio files.

So overall the B&W P5 Wireless headphones are a good set of cans. I especially like the solid design and the fact they sit plush to your head. The sound is great giving you some rich tones with certain genres of electronic music, but they’re not the best sounding headphones on the market, in my opinion, especially at this price. It’s fair to say that these headphones are a little on the expensive side for what you’re actually getting in terms of built-in technology, but the design is absolutely fantastic. I love the choice between wired and wireless, as I’m not a huge Bluetooth fan. I was very happy with my time using the P5 Wireless headphones. You can find out more information from the Bowers & Wilkins website.

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