Cocoon – The Learning Security Camera Review [updated]

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Most homes today are full of expensive tech, expensive clothes, keys to expensive cars, you name it. If it’s in your home and doesn’t have a money value, more than likely it has a personal one instead. Which is why more and more of us are investing in smarter home security systems than that of the average alarm. Enter Cocoon.

Don’t be confused by the name, this device won’t grant you everlasting life, but what it will do is keep an eye on your belongings and your home. Started as an Indiegogo campaign back in 2014 Cocoon hit its target within the first three days and within a month had been pre-sold to consumers in over 50 countries. The main aim behind Cocoon was to make home security as simple and intelligent as possible with just a single device, have they done it?

Tech Specs

Camera: 720p HD – 120° horizontal wide-angle lens – 4 high powered 85nm IR LEDs – Automatic night Vision

Audio & Indicators: High sensitivity 20Hz-20kHz microphone – High quality built-in speaker – 90+dB siren – Red and Blue LED

Connectivity: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 g/n) – WEP, WPA+ WPA2 wireless security

Security & Storage: AES 256-bit encryption – Secure TLS/SSL comms with cloud services – Encrypted cloud storage for 7 days

Requirements: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi – Minimum 1Mbps upload speed – Andriod 4.4 or above – iPhone 4s or newer

Dimensions: Height 85mm – Diameter 75mm – Weight 175g


The design of the Cocoon has had as much thought gone into it as the technology it surrounds, using a mix of fabric and plastic in a form factor the same as a tennis ball really makes it stand out, while still looking like part of the furniture. The LED indicator easily lets you know whats happening with the device, shining blue when connected and working as well as flashing between red and blue when someone in the household is streaming the video live. You’re also supplied with a long 3 foot power lead so you can always be within reach of a socket.


Setting up the device is fairly straight forward Once you’ve downloaded the Cocoon app follow the on-screen instructions, plug the camera in and that’s it. One feature I liked about the setup was the ease at which it connects to your Wi-Fi. The app plays a sound from your phone which the camera receives and hey presto, it’s connected. What comes after is where the real magic happens, once the setup is complete Cocoon starts learning the sounds and movements of your household, with its Subsound technology the camera can pick up sounds that are virtually inaudible to us mere humans, helping it to build a repertoire of sounds specific to your home and its occupants. Like any learning device it takes a little bit of time to get used to your habits, 7-10 days to quote the app.


Controlling the Cocoon is easy too, once the camera detects something abnormal it will send you a notification on your phone. You then get the option to mark it as normal or sound the alarm, this is where that 90dB siren comes in handy. The only problem with this is if you happen to step away from your phone for any length of time, the abnormal activity could go unnoticed. When an activity has been detected the camera will record a section of video which is stored for seven days in the cloud, you get to keep any three of these recordings free every month. Just to top it all off Cocoon will self arm as soon as you leave the house using the built in GPS on your phone.

Final Thoughts

After some time with Cocoon keeping an eye on my house I do have a couple of problems with the device. Firstly if your looking for a device like this and you have a property with multiple entrances and passage ways, you’re only going to be able to see one, and if the Subsound technology does pick up the sound of say someone breaking in through a window on the top floor of a three storey town house, how are you going to know when the camera is staring down the hallway looking at the front door. The All-in-One device they advertise it as really only applies to a small house or flat. Secondly, and I’m pretty sure Cocoon have addressed this but the device – for now – only works with Alexa. The Arlo and Piper NV both work with home automation apps like IFTTT, Stringify and Yonomi, which is a big blow when pricing between these cameras isn’t that different. If they stick to their word this concern can be removed from the list but at the moment it’s staying right here.

Thanks to Cocoon for giving us the opportunity to check out this nifty little security camera while it does bring in some great technology and fancy features, there are still a couple draw backs when its up to bat against the competition.

Update: 15/04/18

Cocoon got back to us with an update on our concerns towards various entryways in a property, Multi-Cocoon is the answer. With this you’ll be able to set up a multiple of cocoons to cover them all important spots, you’ll still only be able to download the primary cocoon video but they are working on this and it will be in a future update. You can check out more here.

They also had an update for app integration, the next service that will be available to all you Cocoon fans will be Google Home, coming in the next few months. Others will follow, depending on customer and market demands.

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