Incase City Compact Backpack Review

Incase City Compact Backpack

Backpacks are  essential items. Especially if you’re a commuter slogging  to work on the 7:13 train. You live in your backpack so there needs to be enough room to carry literally every essential, even if they’re not used throughout that day. This is why I tend to be drawn to things like the Incase City Compact Backpack.

The Incase City Compact Backpack is completely black with black accents. It gives off a very clean feel. It’s made from 540D x 300D blended weave polyester which feels quality enough. Take note that this is not a waterproof backpack, so no soaking. But if you’re caught in a rainfall, I can’t see your items getting wet inside.

Incase City Compact Backpack

The main compartment which is opened by pulling the zips to each side is fairly large and has enough space to fit a few folders as well as your laptop down the dedicated slip. Inside this slip is faux fur to protect the laptop case from any scratches.

The second compartment on the backpack opens similarly to the main one with two zips. It’s lined with the same faux fur as the laptop slip and is meant for things like mobile phones and other sensitive electronic devices to give them an extra bit of protection from scratches and the like.

Incase City Compact Backpack

The third is a front pouch which again is fairly large like the main compartment, but smaller in height. And using this front pouch will really be determined by  how much stuff you have crammed in the main compartment. If there is a lot of stuff there, it will drastically reduce the size of the front because of stretching.

The total amount of space that you have to play with is around 21 litres. It’s not a huge amount compared to other  backpacks in the Incase range, but it’s big enough for the essentials. The laptop slip can hold up to a 17″ Macbook Pro, and while we didn’t have one on hand to test this, I managed to fit the 15″ Asus S510U that we reviewed not too long ago.

The rear of the Incase City Compact Backpack  is well padded to give your back a bit of protection if you’re carrying a heavy load around with you, as well as the straps. I never once really felt uncomfortable when carrying this pack around and  Incase have definitely done a great job in achieving maximum comfort levels when using their product.

Incase City Compact Backpack

The Incase City Compact Backpack is a wonderful product. I am a fan of bags, and love to get my hand on a decent backpack or camera bag. The quality here is wonderful, although I wish it was waterproof. The other thing missing from this bag is some kind of security feature or tracking feature that other bags like the Booq bags come with, especially for the price. This bag will set you back around 139 euros. For more information, then why not head over to the Incase website.


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