Where can you get the Samsung Galaxy S5?

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 being launched today, I wanted to share with you where you will be able to pick up this superb phone. The new flagship Samsung phone aims to take on the likes of the Sony Xperia Z2 and the anticipated iPhone 6. The prices below are correct at time of writing this article. Prices can be subjected to change.

Carphone Warehouse

These guys are offering the Galaxy S5 at £569.95 for a SIM free handset. You are also able to get the phone on a contract starting from £42 a month with no upfront cost. If you are trading in an old phone then the contract prices comes right down to only £33 a month.


If you wanted to go with EE then you can grab your device for only £37.99 a month on a 24 month contract. You will need to pay £59.99 for the handset itself, but for the lesser contract price then this is a steal. You will also be able to take advantage of EE’s 4G network speeds as well, so long as you’re in a 4G coverage area. There are also additional plans which you can find on the EE website.


Three is offering the S5 on a large range of tariffs. The best one we have come across is their £41 a month service with an upfront cost of £29. This is an “unlimited” package with calls, texts and data included.

You can also get the phone on a pay as you go option. The phone will set you back £549 and all you then pay is 3p a minute, 2p a text, and 1p per MB of data used.

Virgin Media

For Virgin media customers this phone is a delight. You can get your hands on one of the Galaxy S5s for £29 a month. For non Virgin customers you can have it for £39 a month with a £29 upfront cost.


Phones4U are giving the phone away on a £47 a month contract with no upfront cost, or alternatively you can purchase it SIM free for £569.95. The contract also takes advantage of the 4G service available in the UK.


All it will cost you is £42 a month to own a Galaxy S5. A SIM free deal will set you back £579.95 and also take advantage of the 4G data speeds in the UK.

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