So Cambridge Audio have developed & tweaked their popular Melomania 1 earbuds. They’ve added a plus to the end of their name, so Melomania 1+ now. They have added a few new features, they now come in a white finish too and I’m here to let you know if they are any good or not.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Melomania 1s, they are absolutely tiny, both in the bud and carry case. Tiny little earbuds that sit within your ear, with rubber tips. The end of each bud, the logo, is also a push-button and you can use that to control your content etc. The case is just as compact, very lightweight and will easily fit in your pocket or bag. The case has a lid to the top, five small indicator lights to the front, highlighting the battery life of the case and to the left-hand side, a USB C port to charge.

The Melomania 1+ come in either a matte black or white finish, which is a visual change. Other changes visually include the USB-C port and the earbuds have L or R written on them, the letter is coloured blue now, instead of white. The box now is also larger and differed in branding.

In the box, you get the carry case, the buds, a USB-C cable, rubber and foam tips in different sizes and Instructions. The whole affair is very sleek, top quality stuff and it’s exactly what you’d expect from the premium brand.

Performance out the box, it’s a little bit flat, it sounds ok, it’s not blowing me away and if I’m honest, I probably wouldn’t use them much at all. However, when you pair the earbuds up with the Melomania app, it’s a different ball game. The app is good for a number of things but the key one performance-wise, the default and custom EQ options. Out the box it’s set to balanced, which is flat across the board but you can click between other presets such as R&B, Electronic, Bass Boost, Rock and Voice. Or you can create your own custom EQ by sliding the five white dots around the bass, mid and treble ranges, and save up to 3 EQ’s. The difference from balanced to rock, while listening to some old school pop-punk was immediately better and brought the music to life. Switching between the preset or custom EQ’s, it’s instantaneous and ever so easy to adjust to suit your content or preference. I listened to a number of different genres, using some of the preset EQ’s and my own, all of which offered great audio performance. There really isn’t any point in using these without the app and selecting an EQ, just don’t bother.


Other than the EQ options, the app also allows you to monitor battery life for each earbud, change the controls, select codec, edit audio modes, locate your buds if you lose them and update the firmware. The first time I opened the app up, I got a notification stating there was a new firmware update and I downloaded it. I think that’s really good, it gives the ability for Cambridge Audio to push out software tweaks as and when, and hopefully, they will.

A word on controls, you’re provided with a handy little business card that runs you through the button functions to control your content. In brief, play/pause is a single press on either bud, then double press or long-press to change tracks or volume. The controls work well, it’s a push-button, not touch control so may interfere with the positioning of the bud if you push too hard or too many times but it wasn’t an issue for me.


Comfort-wise, they are comfortable but for me, they do lack some support. They are very small and there isn’t any support from the casing or a larger, separate rubber wing of sorts. That being said, the foam tips went down well for me, these did help keep the buds in place more so than the rubber alternative. For me, I wouldn’t use these for exercising, running or cycling.

The microphone was good, I made a few calls through them and had no complaints on either end. The audio was clear and the people I rang said they heard me loud and clear.

The battery is stated at 45hours total, 9 hours per charge and I’ve got to be at least 30+hours through with them over the last couple of weeks and have two white indicator lights on the carry case still, so plenty of juice left in the tank.

So there we have it, they were the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ earbuds. Much has improved over the original earbuds, especially the addition of the app which is fantastic. They currently retail at £119, which is only £10 cheaper than the melomania touch at the time of recording this, and for £10 more, I think I would go for the touch personally.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the official Cambridge Audio website.