So today, Thursday 24th June 2021, Bosch held an online event, inviting the media to watch the event and take part. They sent a number of mystery boxes out, us included. The padlocked box arrived, cardboard but I respected it, I didn’t break in but today they released the code and I gained access. What was inside? It’s called Fresh Up and it’s Bosch’s latest handheld gadget.

Earlier this year, Bosch put out an Indiegogo campaign for the device, which I knew nothing about or at least I don’t recall seeing any emails on it. Anyway, it was a limited campaign of a few hundred and I assume it went well, as the product has gone to market.

Fresh Up is a handheld device that uses Plasma technology to remove odours from your clothes. The closest thing I can think of that it’s similar to is UV light sanitation which is popular right now. You cant see it, but the device emits active plasma particles that attach to your item of clothing and breaks down the smell molecules, thus removing the odour.


Like a lint brush or roller, it can be dragged across your item of clothing (while you wear it or not) without causing any damage and without leaving it warm, or wet, so it’s immediately ready to be worn. Bosch estimates it takes about 30 seconds to clean a problematic area (armpits, etc.) and about two minutes to clean an entire shirt.

Now, this device doesn’t clean your clothes, you still need to use a washing machine for that, nor will it work any magic if you try and use it to remove a stain. Think mid-day freshen up, jeans, you’re not meant to regularly wash those but after a while, they might need a freshen up too.


I’ve had the device for a few hours now, so I can say for certain how effective it is but first impressions are very good. It’s handheld, lightweight and has a rechargeable battery. You hold the power button in, wait for the lights on the front to go white and then you can push down on your garment, the lights turn purple and you move it around. You do need to put some force down for it to work, it’s a button on the bottom that needs to be pushed in to function.

It’s a weird smell, and it is a different/better smell than what you’re trying to remove. It does smell clean, a very sanitised smell but it’s not unpleasant at all. So far, I’m impressed with the results. Using it on my day-old t-shirt, it does remove odours and freshens the shirt. The area it cleans isn’t huge, so if you want to do a whole t-shirt or a pair of jeans, it could take some time and they recommend you cover the area several times for best performance. I didn’t expect it to work as good as it did, so it’s surprised me and I’ll continue to use it and maybe make a follow-up video after a week or two.

It’s worth noting you’re provided with a carry case to store the device safely if it’s in your bag. Battery life is stated at 3-4 hours and charged via micro USB. The retail price looks to be around the £250 mark, so it is quite an investment and should be available from July.

For more info, head over to the official Bosch Fresh Up webpage.