Buffalo MiniStation 120GB SSD Review

Before the Buffalo Ministation external SSD storage drive turned up, we hadn’t heard too much about the company. We knew they created storage solutions, but more on a server or network based level. It was a surprise that they had portable storage products. We were sent one of their new Buffalo Minitation 120GB SSDs to test, so let’s check it out.

First off, packaging is very basic, with a logo, a picture of the item itself and a bit of information about it. Inside the outside sleeve is a plain white box, housing the SSD while on the shelf. It’s a nice bit of protection during transport. Inside the white box is the product itself as well as a cable to connect it to your PC and an instruction manual.

The actual size of the SSD is tiny. Much smaller than some that I’ve seen on the market at the moment like the Lexar DD512 which we saw a while back. It’s small enough to fit into a bag alongside your laptop so you will never be without external storage. Think of it as a large memory stick and you’ll have a good idea on size.

It claims that the drive can write at 370MB/s and has a read speed of 420MB/s which is pretty accurate. We ran a benchmark on the SSD drive and results were very similar to the ones claimed by Buffalo themselves. You can see our results below.

The Buffalo Ministation comes with the Secure Lock Mobile 2 software for added encryption to the drive incase you have any sensitive files stored on the drive. It also comes with a Disk Formatter software which you may use, but Windows or Mac machines do come with disk formatting abilities built in anyway.

So overall, the Buffalo Ministation is a great option for those who need a small increase in storage capacity on the go. There is no bells and whistles here, and the read and write speeds are pretty standard for USB 3.0 connections. The device is able to handle a USB 3.1 transfer speeds which claim to transfer at up to 10Gbps. So for around £80-90, you cannot go wrong with the Buffalo Ministation SSD. They are also available in larger sizes on their website.