Fnatic Rush Silent Finally Goes On Sale

FNatic, the world’s largest eSports gaming organisation has just announced the release of its new professional grade gaming keyboard, the Fnatic Rush Silent.

They’re following suit, keeping what was liked about the original Rush keyboard and adding silent Cherry MX switches to the mix.

The mechanical keyboard has really been designed for people who live in shared spaces, whether it’s your parents or a housemate, these silent switches will give them uninterrupted silence while you pwn n00bs on Battlefield 1 at 2am. Clicking noises of keys being pressed have been severely reduced.

It’s not just the silent Cherry MX switches that have been added to the Fnatic Rush Silent. There are also two USB passthroughs making it easier for gamers to plug and play with mice as they can now plug them directly into the keyboard rather than having to fumble around behind a PC tower.


The Fnatic Rush Silent has just been released and is now on sale from Fnatic’s online webstore as well as the Fnatic Amazon Marketplace. There is also the Fnatic Bunker in Shoreditch, London where the Rush Silent, as well as a whole host of Fnatic branded peripherals will be on sale.