The release of the cooperative puzzle Biped took place on March 27 on PC (on PS4 game released on April 8), the game dedicated to the adventures of cute robots. We tell you why this is the best adventure for 2 players in the last five years or so.

  • Developer: NExT
  • Publisher: META Publishing
  • Release Date: March 27 – PC, April 8 – PS4

The main characters of Biped are a couple of funny robots (a blue cube-like and pink ball-like shaped characters) who went to Earth to fix the lighthouses: because of the storm, they broke, and now space travelers will not be able to find a way home. In this game, you will need to travel through seven stages (plus training), filled with difficult trials and puzzles.

Controls and gameplay

Controls in the game are very simple: only sticks of the gamepad (or mouse buttons) are used, each of which is responsible for one of the character’s legs. The closest analog in terms of controls is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, only there you controlled the brothers, and here you control the legs of your character. In general, if you move the analog sticks one by one, the hero will cheerfully stomp forward, and if you hold both of them, he will slip as if on skates. You can also press buttons and grab objects with one of the robotic legs: the robot can stand on one leg, and the second, he can use, for example, to pull the lever.

However, everything is much more complicated. The game MUST BE PLAYED in a coop, coordinating the actions of two players in local trials is very difficult. For example, some platforms change color after each step: if the platform lights up pink, and the blue character makes the step, you will fall into the abyss. Or, platforms on which a certain number of legs should be placed at the same time – say, three (someone will have to stand on one leg). At one of the levels, robots will be tied with a rope, and you, as climbers, will throw each other across the abyss.


Playing this game in a co-op it’s a lot of fun (you will laugh a lot, that’s for sure). You will interfere with each other, fall into the abyss, but the wrong foot on the platform, be the cause of your defeats or mock your partner for constant mistakes. It is recommended to play in a local (old-style couch coop) coop – a network adventure will be less fun. There are no penalties for failures, and the heroes will respawn near the crash site without loadings of stages and other crap like that, so mistakes are not so frustrating as in most games. However, some puzzles will force you to spend at least a couple of dozen attempts. It’s like in a game of online slots – to win, you need to make more attempts. If you’re fan of such entertainment as gambling, you may be interested in visiting Bgaoc website –

The main levels can be completed in three hours or so. Each of them has complicated versions with hardcore tests, but in general, Biped does not take much time to complete. You can return to already visited stages again for coins (hats for characters are purchased for them), but this is a dubious motivation. As for the solo game. Yes, you can also play the game in solo mode, where the tests change slightly – obviously, by involvement in the process of only one player. But solo is not recommended to play, the game becomes boring in solo.


Biped can be safely put on a par with Portal 2 and Human: Fall Flat. Biped is an excellent cooperative adventure in which you can have fun with a child, soulmate or friend. But there are also some drawbacks like small technical problems (FPS can become low sometimes, and once through my play in the game it just crashed to the desktop), they do not spoil the impressions of the gameplay, and as a result, I want to complain only about a short length of the game. Perhaps over time, developers will add a level editor to the game, but for now, you have the content as is.