WordPress is very simple and user-friendly. But to become good at it, you need to invest a lot of effort and time. Even designing a simple and beautiful website like https://bingo-promotion-code.co.uk/ can be very hard and may require a lot of expertise and skills.  

1 – Choose your plugins very carefully

You can extend the functionality of your website by installing many amazing WordPress plugins. However, your site can also face performance issues due to these plugins. Therefore, you must pick your plugins very carefully. A little research will go a long way to find quality plugins for you. You can read user reviews to get some ideas, or you can test how your site performs before and after installing one. 

2 – Know the latest trends

Good designers always keep themselves abreast of the latest trends in the designing world. This way they come up with new ideas and become able to create something marvelous. For example, playing with typography is trending in the year 2020. There is currently a lot of craze for artistic typography and maxi typography among designers. And these days heavy fonts are also being preferred by everyone to use in their logos, web designs and package designs etc.

3- Design as per your target audience

When choosing a theme, a lot of people focus on a few features only. They look for the price, customization and usability of the theme, which are all important, but there is one more important aspect that you should never miss- your target audience. This is the most important consideration when selecting a WordPress theme. You should always take into account the psychology of your audience when you are picking the color scheme for your site. Since we humans are greatly affected by visuals, that’s why we need to take extra attention when choosing the colors. You shouldn’t use a lot of colors, instead it is better if you keep it very limited. And once you have chosen your colors, remain consistent and use your selected colors on all pages of your site. 

4- Make your content accessible

People come to your site for accessing the content you have made available. If they find it hard to understand words on the website then they won’t bother staying and will close the tab immediately. Therefore, it is very important that you make your content accessible. To do that, you need to publish highly relevant and quality content, make the layout better and provide good search options. Web users have a very limited attention span, so it is crucial that you provide maximum information in limited space.  

5- Customize your error page

A website breakdown is not a new experience for any web user. They are unpleasant but you can turn that to your advantage by putting a little extra effort. You can attractively design your error page and send out a message to your visitors that everything is under control. WordPress gives you a lot of options to customize your error page. There are a lot of plugins in the market that you can use for customization, such as Redirection, All 404 Redirect to Homepage etc.,

6- Images are very important

Images are extremely important to make your site beautiful. However, you don’t want to add too many images just for making your site attractive because that could affect the speed of your website. You should take great care about how your images are uploaded and optimized.