be quiet! Pure Base 500 Case Review

be quiet! are well known in the industry for making high quality, high performing power supplies, CPU coolers, fans and cases all with one thing in common, reducing noise and they have succeeded once again with the Pure Base 500. Adding to the Silent Base and Dark Base product series the Pure Base 500 aims to target consumers who want customisable and silent features with compact and sophisticated design. Let’s jump into it.


Starting at the top we have our power, two USB 3.0 ports and front audio. No HDD light or reset but are they really that necessary these days? We’ve also got a cover for the top fans, of which they supply two; a silent colour coded one with a small amount of venting holes and an almost dust cover looking performance one in black. Both snap into place with good quality magnets and fit flush to the top of the case. The top can has the ability to house a maximum of two 140mm or a 240mm radiator/AiO due to the clever little trick of offsetting the fan mounts.

The front is pretty bare with a be quiet! logo at the bottom, with intakes running up the side and a dust filter running underneath from front to back. From a distance you would think that the front is made from the same metal as the rest of the case, but it’s actually plastic with a textured pattern to give it a quality and premium look. Pulling the front cover off reveals some more sound proofing like we saw on the top cover as well as a couple more dust filters protecting the side intakes. With a handy stepback to the fan mounts the be quiet! Pure Base 500 comes with the ability to fit a 360mm radiator at the front, although this may mean you will have to remove the HDD cage or move over slightly, because they also give you that option.

On the back there is a pretty standard setup with the power supply at the bottom, seven expansion slots allowing for multi-GPU setups or loads of extra USB PCI-E cards if that’s what you’re into. Next to the motherboard IO shield there’s space for a 140mm fan.


Removing the side panel reveals yet more soundproofing and an area that is on the larger side of some other cases we have known for your cable management. There are four SSD mounting areas, with two just behind the CPU backplate and another two round the front next to the motherboard. There is a handy cut out in between these two which allows for some sleek cable management, covered by a plastic removable shroud, with the be quiet! logo on there. There’s also a two-slot HDD bay which can be moved over if you have a 360mm rad sat in the front and an abundance of cutouts to slot your cables through. Just like with the outside, a lot of thought has been put into the design of the case to allow for even the messiest of builders to have a pretty and sleek looking case. 

The case we were provided had a tempered glass side panel, but other options are available at a lower price bracket. It is attached using four thumb screws and has a nice heavy feel to it, which is another thing that adds to this case’s premium feel. Inside is pretty standard with the motherboard top left and PSU bottom left, hidden by a cover that will cover all of your power supply’s cables. As mentioned before there is a space for two SSDs and that’s about it, there is no HDD cage running up the front so you’ll have no trouble fitting even the longest gpu in, or if your looking to go down the water cooled route, there is ample space for your reservoir and pump.


Starting at £69.98 for the black non-windowed version and going up to £84.99 for the white and metallic windowed types, I feel these cases are priced brilliantly for the premium look, design and feel of the Pure Base 500 range. be quite! have put a lot of effort into these cases and it shows.

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be quiet! Pure Base 500 Case
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