GoPro Smash It With Million Dollar Challenge Highlight Reel

Colour me impressed. We’ve just received a press release about the GoPro Hero 8 Million Dollar Challenge video. It’s a simple competition. People submit their GoPro Hero 8 Max clips to GoPro, and if your video is good enough, it makes the cut. The people who’s videos make the final cut, win a portion of that million dollars.

Over 42,000 videos from 104 countries from around the world were submitted to GoPro for the challenge, and 45 videos were selected. This is almost double the submissions from last year. And wow, what a selection of clips, especially the person having a casual fly in their JET PLANE! WHAAAT!

The whole point of the challenge is for people to submit videos of themselves doing something they’re passionate about. Apparently the internal GoPro video production team watched over 350 hours worth of video content submitted which is insane in itself. I wonder what the rest of the videos looked like. I’m hoping for an EPIC edit of all the videos!

Each contestant earned themselves a cool $22,222 for the effort they put in making their clips, which is a whopping amount for something people made while doing their hobbies.

Nick Woodman, GoPro founder and CEO says; “The technology and ease-of-use of our HERO8 Black and MAX cameras makes it easy for everyday users to capture mind-blowing, professional quality footage of any activity. HERO8 Black and MAX capture cinematically stunning content straight out of the box in the hands of even a novice user, and the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge is our way of celebrating both the insane capabilities of our newest cameras along with our customers’ incredible creativity. Our world is such an awesome place filled with amazing people, and you can see that clearly in this year’s GoPro Million Dollar Challenge video.”

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