Bass Connect Bluetooth Speaker Review

Speakers are getting smaller and more powerful, which the Bass Connect Bluetooth Speaker has followed. It’s tiny and boasts some great bass and treble levels.

I tested the speaker using a variety of music from Metal to House, RnB to Soul and each track sounded fantastic for a speaker its size.

It stands around an inch tall and two inches wide. The speaker is roof facing so sound can be heard from wherever you are sitting. It has a couple of control buttons on the front for volume and play/pause. Being Bluetooth it can hook up to a number of devices from mobile phones being the most common, but also some MP3 players and Bluetooth enabled laptops for some external sound.

It has an internal battery which I am told can last for a number of hours constant use. It charges using a USB connection straight to your computer or laptop. The 3.5mm jack can be used with an adapter that comes supplied with the product.

It’s a great speaker that sounds fantastic, whatever music type you throw at it. It’s portable enough to fit in a small bag so you have great quality music where ever you are. It’s also loud and could easily fill a medium to large sized room. You can pick up your very own from web store The Hut.

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