Zappar App turns Instagram videos into Sticky9 postcards


Are you a fan of the Facebook owned, Instagram? Then the app named ‘Zappar’ might be for you. Postcards may be a thing of the past but they still have a strong presence in London and in most shops on our popular holiday islands. Is it time they are brought into the 21st century? Zapper certainly think so.

Instagram users are now able to make their 15 second clips into moving postcards thanks to augmented reality technology from Zappar and online printing innovators Sticky9, a photobox company.

For £10, users are able to upload their Instagram video and create nine 14x14cm postcards in a premium card matte finish to send to friends and family. Armed with the free to download Zappar app, recipients of the augmented reality enhanced cards can point their smartphone or tablet at a personalised postcard and watch as the sender’s movie comes to life. Not just limited to tales of your travels, the new postcard creator can be used for anything from party invitations and birthday greetings to just preserving a special memory with a still image that also comes to life with motion and sound.

Is there a need for this SciFi inspired idea? You’ve all seen Star Wars right? I’m not sure but the novelty value is great. You must also think outside the box with augmented reality birthday invitations and wedding invites. This could be the future.

The Zappar app is free to download and available at the App Store or Google Play. It is designed for both iPhone and Android.

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