Xqisit S20 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Xqisit, a mobile phone accessory manufacturer has just released their new portable flagship Bluetooth speaker, the S20. We were sent one to check out, and to tell you the truth, we were shocked with just how good it was.

The portable speaker comes in two different colours, gold and silver. This doesn’t change the grill at all which comes in a sleek black. Instead, it’s only the rim of the speaker which changes colour. It’s design is very simple, but it works really well and is a great looking portable speaker.

The built-in lithium-ion battery has a claim of lasting up to 20 hours. We managed to get around 13 hours worth of use out of the speaker before it died on us. We were using a Bluetooth connection however. Of course, using the 3.5mm auxilary jack to play your music will give you a significant battery life increase. The Xqisit S20 uses a USB port for charging.

Inside you can find decent 2 x 3W HD stereo speakers backed up by a passive subwoofer in the rear. The speaker sounds nice. Highs and mids are crisp and the added passive sub gives the speaker a fuller sound.

Hands-free calling is nice and clear thanks to its dedicated microphone built into the speaker. There is no need to hold your phone close to your face for the caller to pick up your voice. The speaker sat in front of us was loud enough to pick up even the smallest of sounds in the room. The feedback I received from the person on the other side of the phone call was good.

For a speaker that costs £89.99, you’re getting a pretty fair package. It sounds great. Battery life is superb too giving you enough juice to fill a party evening full of music and looks and feels decent. I would definitely recommend you heading over to the Xqisit website to check it out.

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