Polaroid Cube+ Review

Following Polaroid’s success with the Cube camera, they’ve decided to give it another run, this time making some crucial improvements to the specification that were definitely needed.

The Polaroid Cube+ comes in at around 1.4 inches. It’s incredibly small which is definitely a plus, as this at heart is an action cam. Because the camera is so small there is no room for a screen on the rear of the device, nor is there room for any buttons to control it. Don’t fret though, you can use your Android or iOS device as a controller and even a viewfinder. Very handy in certain situations.

polaroid cube plus 2

The biggest improvement to Polaroid’s action cam series is the video quality it records in. This time round it shoots in 1440p HD quality, and it actually looks really good considering the lens is so small. There’s even an 8MP snapper in there to capture still shots. The lens is incredibly wide, coming in at 124-degrees, more than enough to capture all the action you see in front of you.

The included 8GB microSD card will record for up to 107 minutes. There’s also a chance of upgrading your storage capacity to a 128GB or lower microSD card if you need more space. A lot of storage if you ask me which is great for those longer excursions or even a vacation. However, the battery life only lasts for around an hour and a half which I was surprised at. It seems very low considering there is no power-hungry screen on the back.

polaroid cube plus 3

The WiFi enabled device lets you hook it up to social networking websites so you can share your videos and photos in seconds, well, depending on your internet connection of course.

One thing I will mention is this thing isn’t water-resistant. It claims it is only weather proof which means it’ll survive small rain splashes. Don’t submerge in water, it doesn’t work.

polaroid cube plus 4

The Polaroid Cube+ comes in at around £129.99 and is styled in either black, red or blue. There are a bunch of mounting accessories available too. If you want a decent action cam for a fraction of the price of other cams on the market, this is definitely a viable option. GoPro who, right?

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