Since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One in May, they’ve been letting us know all the great games that are coming with it. Now that 22nd November is just around the corner, Microsoft has been giving us more information about how the all new Xbox will affect not just your gaming experience, but everyday life as well. Microsoft has always made their Xbox consoles, since the release of the 360, about family fun and usability.

Below are several of my favourite features that should excite you even more about 22nd November.

Voice command is a technology of the future, and it’s cool, very much like clapping twice to turn on the lights of your swanky bachelor pad. You can turn on your Xbox One by one simple voice command. But that’s not all. You can start playing a game, search for a television show, your favourite hip-hop artist and so much more. Bing technology plays a huge part in this as well. Use the phrase “Xbox Bing”, and you’re instantly searching for the latest films, music, and games. Or you can me more direct. “Xbox, go to 4oD”. And you’re there.

The Xbox one as you know comes with a built in Kinect sensor and camera. One use I’ve personally seen is what Microsoft call the biometric sign in. The camera and sensor recognises who you are and signs you into your account. It will remember your personal settings, and even pick your favourite apps, games, movies and even things like Skype contacts. Each person can have their own biometric sign in, so no fiddly setups each time someone wants to jack in to the world of Xbox.

Use your voice to perform instant switching commands. These commands let you do two things at once. So if you’re gaming and your favourite football team is on, use your voice to effortlessly switch between the two. You can even do two things at once. Whether it’s playing a game and watching TV, or listening to Xbox Music while browsing the internet, it is all do-able. Mix and match apps to use them together.

It really gets on my nerves when I boast to my friends about my ‘sick’ final killcam kill on Call of Duty. They never believe me. Now, with Game DVR and Upload Studio, I will always have proof that I am a much better player than them. It’s all very simple. Have your Xbox One record you while you are playing. Get some footage. Upload it to the Upload Studio. From here you can add taunts, skins, and different effects to make your movies into works of art.

My favourite feature of all is the new Xbox smart glass. This is special. Smart glass is accessible throughout the Xbox console. It’s like having a second controller. From the moment you turn on the console your smart glass kicks into play for menu navigation and web browsing. Jump into a game and it displays different HUD content. If you’re not in front of your console, Smart Glass can be used to access the Microsoft Live network, as long as you have an internet connection. This allows you to check achievements, chat with friends, see who’s playing what, watch GVR clips, the list is endless. Smart Glass requires a tablet or smart phone, Android or IOS or even the Nokia Windows phone operating system and will be available soon.