It’s a shooter that’s not Call of Duty or Battlefield. But it’s not Far Cry 3 either.

However, it is a great piece of shooty puzzly cheese. The voice acting, particularly from our sultry looking heroine is pure cheddar.

At first that was annoying, but eventually became pretty endearing – this is for those of 16 and up.

So what do we have. Think Indiana Jones, sexy sidekick, Nazis who aren’t really, and one may be a goodie.

It starts out in an Egypt and is all about looking for treasures so powerful the one that controls it will take over the world. That sort of thing. Indiana Jones, remember?

And being in oldie timie middle east, there are plenty of puzzle and traps and collectable to endure. Oddly, when you set out at the start, you can pre-select how tough those puzzles will be, as well as how powerful your foes will be. Nice touch.

Expect to fall in stuff a lot, but you do get sort of semi-cryptic help from a notebook left to your hero by his famous grandpa, so that’s some sort of minor help as they are not entirely clear. If they were, there’d be no puzzle.

There are also jungles later on, and perhaps even Atlantis, but you are going to have to play to know.

You are charismatic protagonist James Lee Quatermain taking on some dark supernatural life forms, while being exposed to challenging ancient puzzles in order to locate the Heart of Atlantis.

It plays well – not too bad on the PC where first person shooters are best, of course.

It’s a bit ‘hold-your-hand’ when it comes to directions but that’s OK here. As I said, it’s no Far Cry3

It was developed using the Unreal Engine 3 so isn’t exactly ugly.

Wonder what Deadfall 2 will look like.