Mighty Buds review

There is nothing cooler than your headphones lighting up to the beat of your music. Turn the lights off in your room and you’ve got yourself a nightclub. They’re pretty bright too, and superbly accurate to the heavy bass thuds.

This is what I did. As soon as I opened the packaging – which is very well presented – I closed the blinds, whipped out my iPod and fired up some songs and sat there, watching the headphones flash to the beat. Absolutely superb. Mighty Buds use a sound reactive technology to match the flashes to your music. It works so much better to electronic music than anything else because the bass thuds are so much more prominent than in other genres of music. Never the less they still worked well.

The built-in battery uses a micro USB cable to charge. There are warnings not to plug it into mains adapters such as your phone chargers because of overpowering, so keep them on charge when using your PC or laptop.

The battery compartment also doubles up as a microphone so they can be used with your mobile to accept calls. Very useful and definitely a must in this day and age as most people now walk around with some form of smart phone. Mighty Buds also include several sizes of earbud so you can match up your ear size for best fit. The noise isolation is very good which enhances your overall listening experience.

I only had one small issue with the headphones. The battery compartment is quite heavy. It was fine when stationary but on the move caused a bit of an issue with the headphones falling out of my hears. There is a supplied clip to attach it to your clothes that solved the problem for me. Oh, and they come in a number of colours to suit your fancy.

You can get them directly from and they are priced around the £29.99 mark. A great buy for anyone looking for new headphones.


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