Lexon Flip alarm clock review

I, like so many others rely on alarms to keep me in check. Whether it’s waking up, expecting a phone call or leaving the house my alarms are constantly set.

Lexon have come up with a very snazzy design for their latest alarm clock named Flip.

The Lexon Flip has two sides. An on and an off.

It uses sensors inside the alarm clock to turn the alarm on or off. Have the on side face up, the alarm will ring at the allocated time. Have the off side up, then the alarm will remain off.

It’s very easy that once your alarm is buzzing to just flip the clock which I have done several times in the morning.

If the alarm is on then all you need to do to snooze it is to hover your hand over the top of the alarm clock. Simple.

Setting the time is a matter of two buttons on the back to shuffle through the settings.

There is a built-in light so you can see the time in the dark. All that’s needed is a quick tap of the top of the clock to turn it on. It has a few second timeout so battery power isn’t wasted.



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